Michelle Beadle


Michelle Beadle is a popular television personality with the field of ‘sports’ as her passion and forte. She is an accomplished sports reporter and an anchor with NBC Universal. Born in Italy in the year 1975, Michelle considers herself a ‘Texan’ who later got transferred to New York. The formative years of Michelle’s life were spent at Roanoke, Texas. The latter part of her childhood blossomed in Boerne, near San Antonio. Michelle Denise Beadle has found her space in the world and has proved newsworthy in more ways than one.

A Glimpse At Michelle Beadle’s Life

Michelle’s father Bob Beadle, was an executive with ‘Valero Energy’. Her mother was Italian and had emigrated to the United States. During her childhood, Michelle and her mother Serenella Paladino learned English together and were each other’s best friends.

Education And Career

Before she made her presence felt on the television screen, Michelle was once a pre-law student at the University of Texas. She got disillusioned with her law career after working awhile in Austin. There was a period in her life when she was uncertain about her career prospects and did odd jobs in Canada. Finally, she turned towards Austin again to make something of her life.


The Turning Point

Michelle Beadle’s career started with her father’s assistance and she joined San Antonio Spurs as an intern. Here, she got an opportunity to be a reporter for the very first time. She also began her stint with Fox Sports Net and hosted Big Game Hunters. In the year 2002, Michelle became a sideline reporter with TNN and covered PBR’s (Professional Bull Riders’) tour called ‘Bud Light Cup’. She juggled her career between reporting for TNN and freelancing for CBS Sports.

Gradually, Michelle Beadle’s career evolved and she gained experience. She anchored the show ‘Get Packing’ aired on the Travel Channel. She later joined the YES Network conducting interviews and doing feature reporting. Michelle experimented a lot and hosted a number of entertainment based as well as reality shows like People’s.com’s ‘What You Missed Over The Weekend’, Animal Planet Report for ‘Animal Planet’ channel and Discover channel’s show ‘Inside Orlando’s Resorts’ etc.

What’s more Michelle Beadle has been the Red Carpet reporter for the Golden Globes and Grammys’ to name a few.

Michelle Beadle Career Highlights

The year 2009 saw Beadle co-hosting ‘Sports Nation’ with Colin Cowheard for ESPN. In 2012, Michelle bid adieu to ESPN and joined the family of NBC Networks, mainly the Sports Network of the NBC. She covered the 2012 London Olympics on the daily morning show.

Coming to the latest, Michelle Beadle is part of the show ‘The Crossover With Beadle And Briggs’ which was first aired in January, 2013 on NBC. The show is a focus on sports in general along with pop-culture and is believed to be quite an entertainer.

A Peek Into The Personal Life of Michelle Beadle

Apart from her career Michelle loves dogs and wrestling. She is a dynamic woman who has inspired many to follow their dreams. All in all, Michelle Beadle comes across as a trendsetter who followed her passion to success. Her enthusiasm is truly infectious!